Family Dental Plans

Written by Sarah Provost
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If there are children in your household, make no mistake about it: you need a family dental plan. While it's true that dental coverage is expensive, the lack of it will very likely cost you a lot more. While a young, healthy adult might well be able to pay out of pocket for routine exams and cleanings, children are almost certain to need a lot more dental services.

Dental Services for Children and Teenagers

For one thing, cavities are almost unavoidable in children. If your child is particularly prone to decay, you might need services such as fluoride treatments or tooth sealants. You may also need to take your child for more frequent checkups.

Orthodontia is a real possibility for teenagers and preteens, and this is a very expensive procedure. While the aesthetic value of a good smile is important, there are also sound medical reasons for correcting crooked teeth. Teeth that are not properly aligned are more vulnerable to decay and gum disease. They can also cause problems with chewing and lead to pain in the jaw, neck or shoulders. Not all family dental plans cover orthodontia, so be certain yours does.

Children and teenagers are also prone to injury, from sports, falls, and general horsing around. Chipped and broken teeth may need to be capped. If a tooth is knocked out, handle it as little as possible. Put it in a glass of milk and take it with you to the dentist. It might be possible to reimplant the tooth. Again, be certain that your dental plan covers such emergency procedures.

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