Healthnet Insurance

Written by Jeremy Horelick
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Healthnet insurance is one viable alternative to expensive private insurance policies. The company offers its members plenty of choice in choosing the type of care they're seeking without lowering quality standards. To do this, Healthnet and its subsidiaries contract with care providers all across the country in order to serve some five million members.

Participants may elect to join a Healthnet HMO or PPO depending on the level of flexibility they need and the prices they can afford to pay. As with other managed care products, Healthnet offers its members a tradeoff between convenience, price, and coverage. Some patients are willing to travel to far-flung locations and see assigned doctors if it means paying next to nothing for their care. Others, meanwhile, agree to higher rates for the privilege of staying close to home.

Healthnet Options

Healthnet insurance covers much more than just basic medical care and extends its benefits to vision and dental work, behavioral therapy, and other treatments. Members may also opt for the company's WellRewards program, which provides substantial discounts on things such as health club memberships and other forms of preventive care. Their philosophy is simple: the better equipped members are to look after their own total health and fitness, the less risk they carry as enrollees.

Healthnet insurance also gives its policy-holders prescription drug benefits, which are customizable according to individual need. Members choose their own level of coverage based on their medical histories and the level of risk they're willing to tolerate. No matter what the extent of your prescription coverage may be, there are literally thousands of pharmacies that participate in the network, making it easy for patients to obtain the drugs they need at any hour of the day.

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