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Individual Health Plans

Written by Jill Morrison
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Individual health plans will minimize any health costs that you may have. Health costs include any prescription drugs, check-ups or consultations, medical procedures, or health-related products you may need to purchase. The cost of these things, especially medical procedures, can be extremely expensive without health insurance.

Characteristics of Individual Health Plans

Individual health plans are not recommended for members of large families with children. Medical costs will be reduced for family members, especially for young children, with a family health plan. Individual plans are beneficial to people who live alone, or with family members who are over the age of 18.

Individual health plans will offer discounts up to 50% on medical expenses. Discounts may differ according to geographic region. However, you will always save at least 10% from any medical cost.

Some companies offer health plans to their employees. The company will either pay for a portion of the insurance fee, or for the entire cost of your health insurance. Some people will not accept a position of employment unless the company offers adequate employee benefits.

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