Individual Health Plans

Written by Sarah Provost
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More and more, people are turning to individual health plans to pick up the slack when their employers reduce or eliminate health benefits. Self-employed and unemployed individuals also can use these plans to receive needed medical care. The two options available to these individuals are self-paid medical insurance and discount health care plans.

Self-paid medical insurance is extremely expensive. There may be significant restrictions, such as the exclusion of pre-existing conditions. You may not even be able to get medical insurance at any price if the companies consider you a poor risk. Offering medical insurance, like giving a loan, involves risk, and these companies don't undertake that risk lightly.

Discount membership plans, on the other hand, usually accept everyone, with no restrictions. Since they aren't actually paying for your medical services, there is no real risk to them. What they offer instead is a discounted price for services, which has been negotiated with the providers. They charge a fee, but it is much lower than the premium for insurance.

Discount Health Plans Offer an Effective Stopgap

While it might be the ideal that every citizen have comprehensive health care insurance, the reality is that a million more people every year are uninsured. A discount membership plan will certainly help reduce expenses, presuming you use them often enough to make back the administrative fee. For those whom the insurance companies decline to cover, it is the only real option. There are scores of companies online which offer these plans.

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