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Medicare Prescription Drug Plan

Written by Jill Morrison
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A Medicare Prescription Drug Plan offers discounts on the purchase of prescription drugs. Medicare members must be 65 years or older. Medicare offers discounts on health products and prescription drugs as they relate to elderly health.

Medicare Prescription Drug Plan Characteristics

A Medicare prescription drug plan will offer the elderly substantial discounts on prescription drug purchases. Some products, such as hearing aids, may also be discounted through a prescription plan. Any person who takes more than one prescription drug on a regular basis should consider a prescription drug plan.

A Medicare prescription drug plan will provide a list of over 40,000 network and chain pharmacies. Some network pharmacies will offer discounts of nearly 30% on prescription drugs with a Medicare plan. Most pharmacies will offer an average of 20% in prescription drug savings.

With your prescription drug plan, you can order up to a 90-day supply of the prescription that you need. The pharmacist should fill any prescriptions you have within 24 hours of your payment. For savings up to 45%, you can also order your prescriptions through the mail order service that is provided in your prescription drug plan.

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