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Oregon Health Plans

Written by Laurie Nichol
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Oregon health plans include not only primary health insurance but supplemental coverage on such services as dental, vision, hearing and chiropractic care. This type of plan can be a benefit to those who currently pay full price for these services, or a certain percentage of the fee. In Oregon, there is a network of health care providers that participate in discount health plans that help control the costs of these important services.

Discount Oregon Health Plans

Anyone who has had to pay for a dental visit, eye exam or hearing tests and aids knows how quickly the costs of these products and services can add up. Becoming a member in one of the discount Oregon health plans can help state residents get these services for a pre-negotiated discount price. By presenting your membership card you will receive a certain percentage off of the fees. Rates vary according to the service.

Prescription drugs may also be available at discounted rates. If you are on medication on a regular basis, this can mean substantial savings. Nutritional supplements can be purchased through a discount health plan catalog, and both can be delivered to your door for convenience. Check with your plan to see if your drugs and supplements are eligible for the discounts.

Oregon health plans use the buying power of a network of members and providers to secure savings for people who would otherwise have to pay full price for certain services. They are not intended to replace your primary insurance but to supplement it with coverage on add-ons such as dental, vision, hearing and other services. It is a way to get savings on necessary health care services that people use every day.

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