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Phoenix Health Plans

Written by Beth Hrusch
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Phoenix health plans give individuals a way to purchase discounted health services either as a supplement to their primary insurance or as their only health insurance. In the Phoenix area, health plans are available that can give members dental, vision, chiropractic and prescription coverage for substantially less than many insurance plans can offer. The advantage to this add-on coverage is a customized plan that covers the services you need.

Phoenix Health Plans Control Costs

Many health services are not adequately covered by primary health insurance. Some plans do not cover them at all, and require that a participant purchase an additional plan. With discount Phoenix health plans, you can get the same services such as dental cleanings, eye exams and hearing tests that are available with primary insurance. With membership in a health plan, discounts are given at the time the service is rendered, based on pre-negotiated rates.

Check online for a list of participating providers in the Phoenix area. You can even get prescriptions filled by mail order and shipped to your door. Nutritional supplements may also qualify for discounts when purchased through a discount health plan. Supplemental health plans help control costs by using the buying power of thousands of members nationwide to negotiate discounts on services for which people would normally have to pay full price.

Discount Phoenix health plans cannot be used in conjunction with other discounts or pre-determined co-pays. Check with your health plan company about your whether this type of plan would be right for you. In most cases a good supplemental discount health plan will pay for itself and keep saving you money with every service rendered.

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