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Prescription Drug Insurance Plan

Written by Laurie Nichol
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You may have heard of various "prescription drug insurance plan" companies. Advertisements are everywhere, it seems. Actually, though, these aren't exactly "insurance" plans, but discount medication plans.

Understanding Prescription Drug "Insurance" Plan Advertisements

It's a simple mistake to make, thinking of these plans as insurance. Really, they are insurance-insurance against overspending on critical meds. But, they are really discount plans whereby your membership entitles you to serious savings on drugs.

Some of these plans aren't just for medication savings, either. You'll find plans that give you dental discount options, savings on vision plans, and even chiropractic discounts! Don't confuse them with insurance-because they're not going to gouge you! Quite the opposite!

So then, they're not a prescription drug insurance plan, but they do insure that your savings remain intact. Strength in numbers, you know, and being a part of a large plan gets you the savings you want. Looking into these plans is a smart idea!

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