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Prescription Drug Plan

Written by Jill Morrison
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A prescription drug plan will offer discounts on the purchasing of prescription drugs. Of course, you have to pay insurance fees to be a member. Yet, you will save money in the end when you purchase a prescription plan.

Prescription Drug Plan Characteristics

A prescription drug plan is beneficial to anyone who purchases prescription drugs for their health. It is more beneficial to those who purchase a large amount of prescription drugs each month. It may not be necessary for those who do not take prescription drugs on a regular basis.

If you have employee benefits with a company, there may be an option for a prescription plan. If your place of employment does not offer prescription benefits, you will have to seek coverage on your own. Many people will turn down employment opportunities if the employee health benefits are not satisfactory.

A prescription drug plan will give you an average of 20% in savings on generic or brand name drugs. Network pharmacies may offer discounts up to 30%. Better yet, the mail order prescription drug service offers savings up to 45% to members of the prescription plan.

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