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Prescription Plan

Written by Jill Morrison
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A prescription plan will help to save you money on prescription drugs. This plan is only necessary for those who frequently purchase prescription drugs to improve and maintain their health. Sometimes a health plan for prescriptions will also offer additional services that can only be used by members.

Characteristics of a Prescription Plan

A prescription plan will allow you to save money on prescription drugs in nationwide network pharmacies and major chains. When purchasing generic or brand name drugs, you will receive an average discount of 20% off the regular price. Network pharmacies offer up to 30% in discounts.

A standard prescription plan may also offer a mail order prescription drug service to members. This offers even greater savings, up to 45% off the regular price of drugs. In addition, it is convenient and easy to use.

Though the mail order service will save you the most money, there are factors that make it a difficult process. When using a mail order service, you must allow time for the drugs to be shipped, so you have to order them in advance. Make sure that your insurance company is lenient with ordering drugs early, otherwise you could experience some hassles.

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