Quality Health Insurance

Written by Jeremy Horelick
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As provider fees go up, insurance premiums rise, and the cost of researching and developing drugs increases, it seems harder and harder to find affordable quality health insurance. The benefits that used to come standard with even the most modest health plans are now often considered luxuries. In fact, employers frequently boast that they offer benefits that workers only a decade back automatically received when taking new jobs. This can make some jobs sound more enticing than they really are. After all, aren't you entitled to something like dental care?

The short answer is no--not anymore. Few if any health plans simply bundle dental benefits in with regular medical benefits. Worse still, some no longer include vision care either. Add to that the fact that surgery, in-patient care, ambulance service, and other important benefits may also be separate, and you're looking at an "a la carte" approach to health care that can be financially burdensome, even to those with supposedly high-paying jobs.

What Quality Health Insurance Means

Ask 100 different people what quality health insurance means to them, and you're likely to hear 100 different answers. To some, a great health plan is one that's convenient; that is, the doctor's offices are in the neighborhood, in service 24-7, and open to "walk-ins." To others, the best health coverage means the best doctors, plain and simple--lines, costs, and waiting periods, while less than desirable, are completely subordinate to outstanding medical care.

For the majority of people who work wage jobs, however, cost is always crucial. Hence, affordability becomes the hallmark of quality health insurance, no matter what the relative disparity between two doctors' talents may be. For these patients, HMOs usually represent the best route, as they cover 100 percent of all fees. It's important to remember, though, that memberships in HMOs still require monthly premiums, which can still be expensive.

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