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Texas Health Plans

Written by Laurie Nichol
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There are discount Texas health plans that offer additional coverage on health services such as dental, vision, hearing and chiropractic visits. Even prescription medication and nutritional supplements can be obtained for substantial discounts when you enroll in one of these plans. Participating providers offer their services for a cheaper rate, helping to reduce out-of-pocket expenses.

Discount Texas Health Plans

If you already have health insurance, a health plan can act as a supplement to it, providing savings on add-on services not covered by the primary plan. If you do not have insurance, this type of plan can be a way to get affordable health services. In Texas there are many participating providers who have agreed to accept a pre-negotiated reduced rate for their services. Everything from dental cleanings to hearing aids are available at substantial savings.

A health plan is not meant to replace your existing insurance. If you already receive discounts, or have a set co-pay, then you may not be able to use a supplemental health plan. Texas health plans use local providers who agree to cheaper fees only when other discounts or pre-set rates do not apply. Prescriptions and vitamins can be ordered and delivered to your door for savings and convenience.

Texas health plans help members pay for the products and services that people use all the time. They can pay for themselves quickly, especially if used by the entire family for cleanings, braces, eye exams and prescriptions. Check into providers in your area to get your savings, and start reducing your health care expenses.

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