California Term Life Insurance Quotes

Written by Amy Hall
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A.M. Best is one of the leading insurance company rating organizations around, and they will assign companies a grade ranging from A++ to F. Although you may get lower California term life insurance quotes from a company with a rating of B, you may also deal with a company that is less than professional. When filling out applications or questionnaires online, make sure you know what the rating is of that company before you sign up for any life insurance policy.

Ideally, you want to work with a company that has a rating of A or better that can provide you with the services you need, at the lowest prices possible. This does not mean you should substitute adequate coverage just to pay a lower price on your premiums. However, if you are opting for California term life insurance instead of whole or universal life insurance, you can likely secure great rates without sacrificing coverage.

Another important point to keep in mind is that you will have to undergo a medical exam before you can truly get an accurate quote. A medical exam can be conducted in your home if that is more convenient for you, or you may choose to drive to an office. Either way, you can expect a blood test will be taken, as well as a blood pressure reading. In most cases, you will also be asked to provide a urine sample.

California Term Life Insurance Quotes and Tobacco Use

If you smoke cigarettes, cigars, pipes, or you use chewing tobacco, you can expect to pay higher rates. Not all companies penalize people who smoke pipes and cigars, however cigarette smoking is going to certainly affect the amount you will have to pay for a policy. If you are concerned about tobacco use and how it will affect your rates, ask your broker what your options may be.

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