Compare Life Insurance Rates

Written by Amy Hall
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Without a doubt, the easiest way to compare life insurance rates is via the Web. Never before has it been so convenient to not only learn about life insurance in general, but also to compare rates and quotes between companies. You might be surprised to learn that insurance rates can vary greatly between companies, even though your information is consistently the same.

This can sometimes be the direct result of a company's online site not asking enough vital information. If you log onto a life insurance website, and you are asked some basic questions in order to get a quote, you will probably not get a very accurate quote. Life insurance companies actually need a great deal of information to accurately assess your health risk. If a site only asks you surface questions, you may get a higher or lower quote than you would if you were asked detailed questions.

Furthermore, many sites that allow consumers to fill out questionnaires for quotes usually follow up either by phone or via e-mail to get more information from the applicant. Questions asked are typically health and medical questions, such as queries about your medical history, current health situation, your parents' medical histories, medications currently being taken, your age, weight, height, and tobacco use. Once you supply these answers, the insurance company should be able to give you a more accurate quote.

Compare Life Insurance Rates between Companies

The final step in this process is the medical exam, which can be done at your residence if this is more convenient for you. The exam consists of a blood test, urine test, and a blood pressure reading, along with weight and height measurements. When these final tests are calculated, you will be able to get an accurate rate for the type of life insurance you want.

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