Life Insurance Calculators

Written by Amy Hall
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Life insurance calculators can give you a rough estimate of how much you could expect to pay for life insurance rates. The best place to look for life insurance calculators is online, as many life insurance companies have websites up and running on the Internet. A good number of these sites also explain the differences between the various life insurance policies, as well as help you determine how much life insurance coverage you need.

Generally, life insurance calculators will require you to type in some information in order to come up with some rates for you. You might be asked your age, your annual income before taxes, the percentage of your income needed by your dependents to live, the number of years your family would require the benefits, and an estimate on annual inflation and interest rates. Once you submit this information, your results will be calculated.

Using Life Insurance Calculators Online

One of the perks of using online calculators is that you can get a pretty good idea about what you need in terms of coverage. This is especially true if you use more than one online calculator as a means to compare results. If you find that many sites are coming up with roughly the same results, you can feel assured that your results are relatively accurate.

However, if you notice that there are some major discrepancies between site calculators, you may want to send e-mail or contact a brokerage firm by phone. Life insurance can be more complicated than it seems, which is why a professional brokerage firm or insurance company should be able to answer your questions. Only deal with life insurance companies that have been rated with a grade of A or better, to ensure quality service.

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