No Medical Exam Term Life Insurance

Written by Stephanie Dula
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No medical exam life insurance is attractive to many insurance consumers for obvious reasons. Anyone potentially has the ability to obtain much needed coverage without having to be examined by a medical professional. No medical exam life insurance is available for all types of policies, including affordable term policies.

While these insurers may not require a standard medical exam, they do ask a number of questions designed to assess an individual's overall health status. After all, they do not want to issue a policy without some idea of the probability of death of a policyholder during the term of coverage. Each term life insurance company maintains unique medical criteria by which to classify an individual's health risk.

Term Life Insurance Online

Insurers are becoming more adept at using the Internet to reach customers and sell their products. They know that many consumers prefer the speed and convenience of online comparison-shopping through instant quote websites. Using the Web as a marketplace for insurance products also has implications for the way companies validate the medical information given to them on online applications.

An insurer will compensate for the lack of a medical examination by collecting pertinent information from each buyer about his or her health history. Companies are able to verify the accuracy of the information through extensive underwriting processes. It's true that almost anyone can obtain life insurance, but those with chronic health problems may only be eligible for coverage with higher rates. Individuals are wise to shop around because insurer will vary in the medical criteria they use, and premiums could be significantly affected.

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