Term Life Insurance Policies

Written by Stephanie Dula
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Term life insurance policies can be obtained through a variety of means. Local agents and brokers certainly sell term life insurance, though they may be pressured by companies to sell more expensive permanent policies. Term life insurance is also available online, often with no medical exam required.

Choosing the Right Term Life Insurance Policy

Term policies are meant to provide extra coverage in addition to a permanent policy, or act as primary coverage for those who need immediate, temporary protection. When looking at which term policy is best, many people need to do a little research and self-assessment. There are many resources available online that can help determine how much coverage is appropriate for an individual's needs.

While experts suggest that one should never purchase a policy based purely on a formula, the Internet offers many free calculators that can serve as useful starting points. Each person must carefully assess all costs that may be faced by survivors in the event of his or her death. Family debts may rise after the loss of a parent or provider, so enough should be planned to cover more than just the mortgage and other usual bills. For example, continuation of a family business may leave outstanding debts for beneficiaries to handle.

Many people like the convenience of the Internet in comparing quotes on term life insurance, and the fact that no agent need be involved. Numerous companies now sell term policies that can be managed purely online.
For those who prefer working with an insurance expert, many companies offer a phone number or e-mail for live customer service and support.

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