Tobacco User Life Insurance

Written by Amy Hall
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Although tobacco user life insurance is more expensive than life insurance for someone who does not smoke or use any other tobacco products, it does not have to be astronomical. If you have done any research thus far regarding smoker's life insurance, you already know that there is some discrimination against smokers in terms of life insurance coverage at affordable rates.

The reason being is that life insurance companies simply view smokers as a high risk. We all know that smoking increases the chances of one developing cardiovascular disease, lung cancer, and hypertension. All of these medical conditions can be expensive to treat, and they can also lead to premature death. You can somewhat understand why insurance companies charge smokers more for their life insurance policies.

Finding Affordable Tobacco User Life Insurance

Okay, knowing all this, you may feel ready to pack it in and forget about the whole life insurance thing. Do not throw in the towel just yet, because there are some companies out there that do offer insurance to smokers at rates that won't necessarily break the bank. There are actually companies out there who look at tobacco users more favorably.

For instance, some companies do not consider pipes, cigars, or chew as smoking. If you do not smoke cigarettes, but you do occasionally smoke a cigar or pipe, you may be able to get the same rates as someone who does not use a cigar or pipe. The only way to really know for sure what types of rates you would be looking at for tobacco user life insurance is to start doing some research on the Web. You will be able to browse and compare rates, before you actually contact any insurance companies for further information.

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