Indiana Long Term Care Insurance

Written by Norene Anderson
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Long term care insurance is a priority for the State of Indiana. An alliance between the state and private companies offering long term care insurance coverage is an effort to protect residents from losing their savings to pay for extended care. There are currently 10 participating carriers. For a list of cooperative carriers, you can contact the state insurance department or ask your insurance agent.

There are a variety of policy types to consider. Some are a comprehensive policy covering both nursing home and in-home care. Other policies cover only an assisted living facility such as a nursing home. You will also find that some policies are tax qualified for long term care benefit. This means you may be able to take your premiums as a medical deduction. Check with your tax professional to be certain.

Indiana Long Term Care Insurance Ratings

All carriers in a partnership with the State of Indiana are given a rating according to the industry standards. The three major companies for ratings are Moody's Investment Service, A.M. Best Company, and Standard & Poor's. Company ratings will change according to performance. Always check the latest statistics for an accurate rating.

You can find long term care policies from a variety of sources. Some sources use mailings to advertise their policies. Others use contact with senior citizen group meetings. The most accessible form is through online quotes. You are in control of the contact information. You choose when and how to be contacted by an agent to discuss your insurance needs.

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