Kansas Long Term Care Insurance

Written by Norene Anderson
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Kansas long term care insurance is required if you are going to protect your assets and relieve your family of the obligation to provide hands-on care. Many people think that Medicare is all that is needed to be taken care of in the event of a catastrophic illness. That is certainly not true.

Medicare is health coverage for senior citizens over the age of 65. It is not long term coverage. There are limits to the number of days a Medicare policy will pay. Certain criteria must be met in order to qualify for any payment by Medicare. For example, a patient must have a three-day in-hospital stay requiring admission to a nursing facility within 30 days. At that point, Medicare will cover up to 100 days as long as professional medical personnel are required for treatment.

Payment of Benefits for Kansas Long Term Care Insurance

The waiting period on most policies is between 60 and 90 days. During this time, if any long term care expenses are incurred, it is the responsibility of the individual to pay, not the policy. Policies will differ in the restrictions for waiting and for exclusions to the policy. Always read the fine print carefully so you know for sure you are covered adequately.

For a quick online quote and a selection of insurance carriers in Kansas, let a reputable insurance service help. You can fill out the form and in just a short time, you will have the best rates available for your consideration. To find the potential tax benefits of a long term policy, check with your accountant or legal professional.

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