Ohio Long Term Care Insurance

Written by Norene Anderson
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You can get a complete list of approved Ohio long term care insurance carriers from the Ohio Department of Insurance website. The state is active in protecting the consumer by monitoring the activities of the insurance companies licensed to operate within the state. If there are practices that are found to exist that fall below the standard set by the state, the license to offer policies will be revoked.

Women are of particular concern when it comes to purchasing a long term care policy. Since women tend to outlive men, it is very likely that she will be the surviving spouse, if married. The life expectancy of a female born in 1960 is 73 years. The comparable life expectancy of a male is 67 years. There is less than a one in three chance that a woman at the age of 75 will be living with a spouse.

Ohio Long Term Care Insurance for Women

For women with any significant financial strength, it is vital to have a long term care policy to protect the assets. Since she will most likely be living alone in her later years, it is important to have the financial integrity of her retirement protected. For those without financial security, it is impractical to pay years for a long term care policy when Medicaid will step in to cover the majority of the costs.

Since women tend to live longer, many suffer from some type of cognitive disorder. It is quite probable the disease will progress to the point that requires either part-time or full-time custodial care. Be sure to examine a policy carefully to see if there is adequate coverage for this type of need. You should have a clear understanding of the exclusions and waiting periods for all coverage.

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