Wisconsin Long Term Care Insurance

Written by Norene Anderson
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Wisconsin long term care insurance is a wise investment. Wisconsin is one of twelve states offering a state tax incentive for the premiums of long term care policies. To fully understand this benefit, check with your accountant or legal professional. It is just one of the ways states are working for residents to help with planning the future and safeguarding the family assets.

Common exclusions on long term care policies include many mental disease and nervous disorders. Some policies will cover Alzheimer's if the symptoms appear after the policy is in place. Read the fine print to know if or how this disease is excluded. Benefits will not be paid in the case of injuries resulting from suicide attempts or acts of war.

Exclusions for Wisconsin Long Term Care Insurance

Another exclusion by most carriers is for any treatment for addictions such as alcohol or drugs. If the use of drugs or alcohol arises after the policy is in force, you should be aware that you may not be covered for certain illnesses. The specific criteria for an exclusion is printed in your policy. Read it carefully before you enroll.

Each policy outlines the start time for payout of benefits. If you have a specified number of days that you must wait for benefits to pay, you will be responsible for those days. Some policies have as much as a 100-day wait before benefits kick in. To have a policy with no waiting or a minimal wait time, you will pay a higher premium. This is the chance the insurance company takes in making a long term policy. It is projected that you will bear the majority of the cost before benefits start.

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