Michigan Medigap Insurance

Written by Norene Anderson
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Michigan Medigap insurance is designed to pick up the slack of the costs not covered by Medicare. For individuals 65 years of age or older, enrollment in a Medigap plan can be initiated any time for six months after enrollment in Medicare Part B. This is called an open enrollment. Federal law allows insurance companies to deny coverage outside of the required six-month period.

There are other exceptions for coverage with Michigan Medigap insurance. If Medigap coverage is discontinued to enroll in a Medicare HMO and then coverage is dropped before 12 months, the Medigap insurer must offer re-enrollment. Some states require an unlimited open enrollment for any of the Medigap policies.

Michigan Medigap Insurance Coverage

Medicare benefits are also granted to individuals with a disability who are under the age of 65. For these, most states do not offer a Medigap policy. The state's insurance department is your best resource on the policies available. If individuals become eligible for Medicaid, the Medigap policy can be discontinued for as long as 24 months and then be reinstated by a Medigap policy with no penalties.

There are pre-existing clauses in some of the Michigan Medigap insurance policies. This is allowed for conditions treated in the past six months. A six-month waiting period is possible for these conditions. Switching to a Medigap plan after losing coverage from an employer plan within 63 days will keep you covered without any pre-existing condition delay.

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