Michigan Medigap Providers

Written by Norene Anderson
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Michigan Medigap providers have made it easy to receive reimbursement for medical expenses. A large number of providers are on a list for Medicare to file automatically as supplemental insurance carriers. This means the physician, hospital, or healthcare provider only needs to file one claim to Medicare and, if the supplemental policy provider is on their list, they will automatically send a request for payment.

Most major insurance companies offer some type of supplemental or Medigap insurance. The options by Michigan Medigap providers cover all 10 plans designed by the government for seniors. Plan A through Plan J are strictly set and cannot be altered. The only thing that can be determined by the insurance carrier is which of the 10 plans will be offered.

Plans by Michigan Medigap Providers

Not all Michigan Medigap providers have to offer all 10 plans. Some offer only a few while others offer the majority of the plans. There is a difference in the premiums charged by the various companies for the same coverage. It is important to do some comparison of pricing to find the provider with the best offer.

When time comes to enroll in Medicare, take the time to choose a Medigap policy. The sooner you do, the better. There is a time limit to getting the best coverage. It is also not worth taking the risk that you may encounter a serious health problem and have to be out a lot of deductible and co-insurance costs. This can be devastating to an already limited income and budget.

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