North Carolina Medicare Supplemental Insurance

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North Carolina Medicare Supplemental insurance is a popular policy among North Carolina seniors who want more protection than what Medicare alone can provide. North Carolina Medicare supplemental insurance is an affordable way to lower your out-of-pocket costs and extend your health care coverage. Supplemental insurance comes in various forms and you should contact an insurance representative for specific information on what is available.

As mandated by Federal and state laws, there are ten standardized supplemental plans that have been developed and became effective in North Carolina in January of 1992. These policies are known as plans A through J. It should be noted that no policy in North Carolina may duplicate Medicare, nor can any agent in North Carolina sell a new Medicare supplement policy to anyone who already has a standardized Medicare supplement policy unless the applicant cancels his prior coverage in writing. For more information on North Carolina's supplemental policies you can check out the SHIP site for the state at

How North Carolina Medicare Supplemental Insurance Works

Medicare is the basic health plan for those who are over 65 years old and for qualified disabled individuals who are younger. The benefits that Medicare provides are rather limited, and thus, there are Medicare supplemental policies to help fill in the "gaps" of the coverage. As stated, Medicare supplemental insurance comes in 10 standardized Medigap plans, and they do vary in price and coverage. Plan J has the most coverage and Plan A has the least.

Each of the plans are standardized. What this means is that every plan must carry the same coverage, despite whom the insurer is and who is selling it. In other words, Plan A from one insurer will offer identical coverage as Plan A that is offered by another insurer. The difference that you will find is in the costs as well as the service that you will receive from one insurance company to another.

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