Accident Insurance

Written by Amy Hall
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Accident insurance essentially protects members of your organization from high medical bills that result from an injury. It is a very valuable coverage to have because not all participants in sports have their own medical insurance. Therefore, if a participant becomes injured during a game, the accident insurance will pay for medical bills up to the specified limit.

In most cases, the limit for this type of accident coverage is $25,000, but it can be raised to higher amounts if necessary. Some organizations actually raise the amount to $100,000 or $250,000, which is wise if the sport is a high risk sport, such as football or wrestling. Why take chances with high medical bills if you purchase adequate protection? Practically all sports organizations have some type of team insurance in place that provides basic accident insurance coverage.

The Importance of Accident Insurance

We've all heard about astronomical medical bills that can result from just a few days of hospitalization. Imagine how scary that could be if a member of your organization got hurt and had to spend a couple of weeks or more in a hospital. If you didn't have accident insurance in place at the time of the injury, who would pay for those medical bills?

The chances are pretty good that a lawsuit would be brought against the organization to recoup the expense of the medical bills. This could be very bad news if no policy was in place at the time of the injury. Don't let this happen to your organization. Premiums for team insurance are much more affordable than paying for inflated medical bills.

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