Baseball Insurance

Written by Amy Hall
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If you need baseball insurance, the good news is that you can count on having lower premiums because baseball is considered a Class B sport. All Class B sports are considered lower risk, which makes sports insurance much more affordable. For instance, a tackle football insurance premium on one participant over the age of 15 can run close to $40.00, whereas for one participant of baseball the premium is roughly $13.00.

This is obviously a pretty large difference. Baseball organizations can therefore afford to get great coverage without breaking the bank. Furthermore, because baseball insurance tends to be cheaper than some other sports, organizations might bode well to add on some options for further protection.

Adding Options to Your Baseball Insurance Policy

Let's assume that you have already purchased a basic baseball insurance policy, but now want to add some other options for better coverage. If you have accident and liability insurance, but not directors and officers and/or crime insurance, you may want to consider adding these features. Directors and Officers insurance protects organizations from lawsuits that are not covered under the general liability portion of your policy. Such lawsuits are usually based on the alleged discrimination by an organization involving sex, race, age, or handicap.

Crime protection will help you recoup losses due to theft or vandalism, or even embezzlement from within the organization. People tend to not want to think about these issues, which can wind up being a very costly mistake in the end. Bad things can happen, and your best defense against unfortunate events is to have adequate insurance coverage.

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