Cheerleading Insurance

Written by Amy Hall
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As a spectator, you may think that purchasing cheerleading insurance is rather silly, as cheerleading is a relatively safe sport. However, if you really stop to look at some of the activities that cheerleaders perform, such as high flips up in the air, you would probably change your thinking a bit. Fortunately, many organizations are realizing the importance of cheerleader insurance, and they are purchasing policies that cover everyone within their immediate organization.

The premiums for cheerleading insurance are really quite reasonable, as cheerleading is considered a Class B sport, meaning it does not have a high risk factor for injury. A standard team insurance policy comes with accident and general liability coverage, which protects the organization against lawsuits and high medical bills in the event of an injury. It might be advisable to add some additional options onto your basic plan, which can protect your organization even more from lawsuits and crime.

Affordable Cheerleading Insurance

If you are in charge of a cheerleading organization, it is important that you don't skip the cheerleading insurance that can protect you and your members in the event of an accident. Not all participants have their own medical insurance, which means that in the event they get injured, they would not have any coverage for their care. Hospital bills can go through the roof in a very short time, so it is best to have the proper coverage in place from the start.

It is a good idea to purchase sports insurance from an insurance agency that specializes in team insurance policies, and can advise you properly on different options. Although you may be tempted to use your regular insurance agency, it is probably best to go through a sports insurance agency for this type of coverage. Once you have your policy in place, you can rest a bit easier knowing you are properly covered.

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