Flag Football Insurance

Written by Amy Hall
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A bonus to flag football insurance is that it does not cost half as much as regular football insurance, since it does not involve lots of tackling and rough and tough contact between players. In fact, the difference between flag football premiums and tackle football premiums is quite large, with prices more than doubling for tackle football. This of course puts a smile on the face of the organizations who must pay for sports insurance coverage for their players and volunteers.

Typically, a flag football insurance policy should at the very least offer accident and liability coverage. Accident coverage will help pay for the medical bills that can run into the thousands of dollars for participants who sustain serious injuries during a game or while on the grounds of the organization. Liability coverage will protect the organization from lawsuits brought against them from parents of injured players who feel the organization was negligent. Furthermore, liability insurance will provide an attorney in the event that a lawsuit goes to court and the the verdict is guilty or a settlement is reached.

Protect Your Organization with Flag Football Insurance

Aside from the accident and general liability portion of your flag football insurance policy, you might want to add Directors and Officers coverage as well as crime coverage. The Directors and Officers portion of your coverage protects the organization and its employees from lawsuits alleging discrimination based on race, sex, age, and handicap, as well as suspension or termination of players or league workers, and/or violations of a person's federal, state, or constitutional rights. Having adequate flag football insurance is your only real protection from these issues.

Finally, keep in mind that crimes such as theft and vandalism do occur, and can leave organizations in a serious lurch. With crime protection, you can recover your losses without having to shell out your own money for replacement equipment or repairs. The cost of sports insurance is so worth it because it can save you from incurring the cost of high medical bills, lawsuits and attorney fees, and the price for new equipment and repairs in the case of theft or vandalism.

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