Hockey Insurance

Written by Amy Hall
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Hockey insurance is absolutely necessary, and the need to explain further is practically unnecessary. Hockey is most definitely a Class A sport, which means it carries with it a higher risk for injury. As a result, it is extremely important that organizations involved in hockey, have the adequate sports insurance coverage that includes both accident and general liability insurance.

Anyone who has ever been to an ice hockey game knows just how intense and high contact it can be. In fact, it is practically a given that some player will end up getting hurt during the course of the game, if not from the activity itself, than from fights that break out on the ice. Therefore it becomes more important than ever to have adequate team insurance in place that covers every single participant within the hockey organization.

Much Needed Hockey Insurance

I don't think anyone in a hockey organization would argue that it is necessary to have some type of hockey insurance in place that protects both the participants and the volunteers, as well as anyone involved within the organization. However, the real argument comes into play when organizations don't purchase adequate insurance coverage that can lead to financial problems and lawsuits. While most organizations willingly elect to purchase accident and general liability coverage, many omit Directors and Liability, as well as crime insurance.

The fact of the matter is that bad things can happen to good organizations, such as vandalism, theft, and money stolen by someone from within the organization. While most people would find it hard to believe that anyone involved in a youth sport league would steal from the children, it happens far too often. It is important have the adequate hockey insurance coverage in place to protect organizations from such appalling crimes.

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