Kickball Insurance

Written by Amy Hall
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Kickball insurance may seem laughable to you, but believe it or not, it does exist. While kickball is certainly not a high contact, brutal sport, it still carries with it some degree of risk. As a matter of fact, kickball falls under the category of Class B sports, which means the risk for personal injury is much lower than that of a Class A sport such as tackle football.

Let's put it like this: the premiums for kickball insurance are a bit higher than for flag football, but lower than practically every other sport. Therefore, it just makes sense to at the very least get a basic team insurance policy that will protect your little kickball champions as well as the organization itself from lawsuits. You can expect that a basic policy will cover accident and liability insurance, with the ability to add options if you choose.

Fret Not with Kickball Insurance

With kickball insurance, you would likely be adequately protected with the accident and liability portion of your policy. However, if you really feel the need to up the ante, then you could throw in Directors and Officers insurance as well as crime insurance. Crime insurance would pay for replacement kickballs should someone steal them.

Directors and Officers coverage would protect your organization from lawsuits that arise from alleged discrimination claims based on sex, age, race, or handicap. It is very hard to imagine that you would need such coverage for a kickball league, but you never know. It's best to ask your agent about his or her recommendations in a case such as this.

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