League Insurance

Written by Amy Hall
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League insurance is highly important regardless of the sport you are involved in, whether you are a volunteer, a coach, or a player. Team insurance can and should be purchased to protect sports organizations from having to pay high medical bills that can result from an injury sustained by someone within the league. Furthermore, sports insurance protects leagues from lawsuits that can result from various factors.

In general, all league insurance has accident and liability coverage as a base. The accident portion is pretty self-explanatory, as it provides coverage for medical bills in the event that a participant, employee, or spectator becomes injured during a sporting event. It is wise to understand that not all participants or league members have their own medical insurance, so it is totally necessary to take out the proper coverage.

The Ins and Outs of League Insurance

The liability portion of league insurance covers organizations by protecting them from lawsuits based on alleged injuries sustained under league supervision. If in fact a lawsuit is brought forward, the liability insurance will provide an attorney for the defense, and will also cover any damages awarded by the court, up to the limit. All sports policies should have general liability coverage.

It is possible to add on to the base policy with Directors and Officers coverage as well as crime coverage. When these two categories are added on, organizations can get protection from lawsuits based on alleged sex, age, race, or handicap discrimination, as well as from theft or vandalism. Having all four components is best because this type of policy offers the ultimate protection for sports leagues.

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