Tackle Football Insurance

Written by Amy Hall
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Tackle football insurance is completely necessary because tackle football is classified as a Class A sport, which means it has a high risk factor. In fact, tackle football insurance premiums are the highest among all sports insurance policies. For youth tackle football between the ages of 13-15, the premiums per participant can run as high as $30.00!

This may seem like a great deal of money, but it is necessary because the risk of injury is so much higher than that of other sports. One serious injury could land a participant in the hospital, and the medical bills can wind up in the thousands of dollars. For $30.00, you can have full accident and liability insurance coverage on that same player, and save yourself the thousands in medical bills.

Safeguard Your Organization with Tackle Football Insurance

Your insurance agent would likely advise you to also purchase Directors and Officers insurance, as well as crime insurance. Directors and Officers insurance protects you from lawsuits that are not covered under the general liability coverage. Such lawsuits are often based on alleged discrimination on the basis of age, sex, race, or handicap.

Finally, crime coverage under your tackle football insurance policy would safeguard your organization against losses due to theft or vandalism. It would also protect your organization in the event that someone from within embezzled money. You can never be too safe, and a good insurance policy is your best bet against lawsuits, medical bills, and crimes.

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