Team Insurance

Written by Amy Hall
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The importance of team insurance cannot be stressed enough, as any number of things can potentially go wrong within a sports organization. Basic policies cover accident and liability insurance, which protects organizations from having to cover high medical bills themselves. Furthermore, the liability insurance portion of the policy will provide an attorney for an organization's legal defense in the event of a lawsuit.

It is unwise for organizations to assume that individual participants have their own medical insurance that would cover the medical bills in the case of an injury. This is not always the case, and assuming it is can be extremely costly to a sports organization. Furthermore, the cost of an attorney can be astronomical if a lawsuit ends up going to court, which is where the general liability insurance kicks in for added protection.

Buy Team Insurance for Peace of Mind

Unfortunately, many youth sports organizations hope that nothing will go wrong, and that everything will run a smooth course. However, accidents do happen, medical bills can pile up, and someone has to pay the price. Without the proper team insurance in place, that someone could be you or your organization.

If you have considered purchasing team insurance, you are smart to consider such a purchase. When you have even the most basic policy coverage, you can rest assured that you won't have to face a lawsuit alone, nor will you have to cough up a whole lot of cash to cover the medical bills of an injured participant. Life's too short to worry all the time about money and lawsuits, and with sports insurance, you don't have to anymore.

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