Tournament Insurance

Written by Amy Hall
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It is very important to understand that you need to purchase tournament insurance when outside teams will be playing against your team, on your organization's grounds. Even though you may have full coverage sports insurance on your organization's participants and volunteers, this coverage does not extend to outside teams. However, if you organization hosts just a single game between your team and one outside team, the team insurance you have in place will be adequate to cover any accidents or liability for your organization only, not the other team.

Furthermore, you do not need to purchase tournament insurance if your organization travels to other places in the United States, as long as the teams within your organization are participating in activities that are league sanctioned and adult supervised. It is always best to check with your agent before you assume you have the proper insurance coverage for your organization when traveling or when hosting other teams. More than likely, you will have adequate coverage, except in the case that you are hosting numerous other teams on your own turf.

Understanding Tournament Insurance

Again, one of the biggest mistakes that sports organizations make is that they assume they have all the coverage they need when hosting a tournament. However, in all likelihood, they need to purchase additional tournament insurance to protect them in the event that a participant from another team gets hurt during a game or sporting event. Usually the rates for such coverage are not astronomical, and in cases where the tournament will last three or more days, special rates may may apply.

Fortunately, most sporting events happen without any catastrophic accidents occurring. However, you can never be too careful in terms of your insurance coverage. The odds of something going wrong could be a million to one, but if there is still a chance, you need to be covered and protected. Any reputable sports insurance agency should be able to explain your options in terms of tournament insurance and answer any of your pointed questions.

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