Wrestling Insurance

Written by Amy Hall
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Wrestling insurance premiums are likely to be higher than cheerleading insurance or flag football insurance premiums, because wrestling is considered a class A sport. Class A sports are considered to carry a higher risk of injury, due to the nature of the sport. Wrestling is obviously a high contact sport, and therefore the chances of a participant sustaining injuries are much higher.

Too many organizations make the mistake of not purchasing wrestling insurance, or not purchasing adequate coverage. This can wind up costing your organization thousands of dollars in lawsuits and/or medical bills. If a participant in your organization becomes severely injured, and you do not have insurance to cover him or her, you may be the one that the hospitals and lawyers come after, not the participant and his or her family.

Protect Your Organization with Wrestling Insurance

There are some points to consider when purchasing wrestling insurance that you should know about from the start. Many organizations make the mistake unknowingly of buying insurance that does not actually cover their own participants. Some policies actually cover lawsuits that are brought about by spectators that were injured, and not by the participants within the organization!

In addition, it is important to know if your insurance company is in good standing, which you can tell by the rating it has. You would be wise to avoid any insurance company that has a rating of less than A- or is not licensed in your state, as companies with lesser ratings are more inclined to go out of business. If your insurance agency goes out of business, how can you expect to collect on a claim?

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