Supplemental Group Plans

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Supplemental group plans are designed to provide employees with benefits in addition to the medical insurance policy. The type of benefits offered varies with individual insurers, but typically, the list is about the same. The amount for each benefit will be different. It pays to shop around for the best plan.

Dental and vision coverage can be add-ons for most supplemental group plans. These are both particularly important for family coverage. Another supplement to consider is foreign travel and accident insurance. If you travel out of the country, you definitely need a special policy with explicit coverage for foreign benefits. Your HMO or PPO plan will fall short of benefits for travel.

Supplemental Group Plans Add Security

Life insurance and disability insurance are definitely two vital additions as supplemental group plans. Too often younger employees do not see the need for this type of safeguard only to have a tragic accident or major illness take away the ability to provide for their family. Considering the amount of money, it is well worth the investment for the peace of mind in knowing the family is taken care of in spite of the circumstances.

Cancer and critical care are two more supplements that many people put off getting until it is too late. Once you are diagnosed with cancer or have need of critical care, you are going to have great difficulty getting coverage. Prepare defensively. The cost will be much less if coverage is initiated before any signs of problems. Price quotes are easy to find online for every possible kind of supplemental plan for groups.

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