Texas Auto Garage Insurance

Written by Jessica Duquette
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Texas auto garage insurance provides coverage for gasoline service stations, repair shops, tire dealers and many other locations associated with automobiles. This insurance protects employees and customers with basic coverage including standard bodily injury and product insurance. This insurance can cover automobile damage caused by negligent employee behavior as well as provide additional protection for damage not covered by other policies.

Comparing Texas Auto Garage Insurance

There are many insurance companies that offer garage insurance policies. However, for every insurance company you can be sure that each policy contains certain coverages and exclusions. In order to choose the policy that is best, it is necessary to compare policies based on coverage, cost and potential liability.

Owning and operating an auto garage can create many opportunities for injury and/or damage. Aside from the tools in the garage, a customer's automobile must be protected from damage. The last thing that the owner wants to happen is to have to pay for damages caused or repair a vehicle at no charge. Having Texas auto garage insurance may not eliminate incidents but it will protect you from damages related to those accidents.

Negligent Behavior

Like with most professional liability policies, you want your organization and its employees covered in the case of negligent behavior. As a garage owner, one of your employees repaired a vehicle and forgot to include a valve when reassembling the engine. As a result the owner had a life-threatening experience. With garage insurance, you and your employees are protected; therefore deflecting any serious financial damage.

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