Texas Auto Service Insurance

Written by Jessica Duquette
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Texas auto service insurance is a means of protecting a service station from expensive claims for damages or injuries. The insurance may cover repair work, employee injuries or other expensive damages resulting from day-to-day business and standard operations. Carrying a service insurance policy can protect the owner from financial burden and provide customers with the knowledge of a safe service station.

Auto service stations are extremely busy providing their customers with standard services such as maintenance and repair work. These services rendered generate a lot of revenue but at the same time may expose the service station to numerous accidents. Having auto service insurance will not guarantee the elimination of incidents but it will provide protection if ever a liability claim is filed.

Comparing Texas Auto Service Insurance

Many insurance companies now offer auto service insurance to service stations or auto body shops. The companies can offer minimum required coverages or additional optional packages to suit the needs of a service station owner. When comparing insurance policies it is necessary to look at parallel policies with similar limits and deductibles.

Insurance Exclusions

There are certain events that are not covered by Texas auto service insurance. The exclusions can include theft of station property by an employee, incomplete work or negligent behavior. The service station owner can be held liable with no claim paid if any theft or negligent damages occur. There may be some items that are not insured through the service insurance but it is important for the owner to realize that even less expensive items may need to be insured in order to protect the business.

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