Texas Bailee Insurance

Written by Jessica Duquette
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Texas bailee insurance is a customized policy that protects contractors who temporarily handle the property of others. If you frequently are responsible for customer property you need to have the appropriate coverage to protect those goods while in your care, custody or control. If you are unsure if bailee insurance is applicable to your business, read on.

Drop-off dry cleaning is becoming increasingly popular nation-wide. For some reason consumers feel it necessary to remain in their vehicles while dropping off several shirts to be starched. Your drive-up dry cleaner is likely to carry a general liability policy, but is this enough to protect your belongings?

Lost, stolen or damaged goods are protected by Texas bailee insurance. While a dry cleaner may be covered to hold a certain amount of merchandise in his or her store, depending on the ebb and flow of business, the owner could potentially hold more merchandise than the GL policy covers. You don't want to be the consumer who ends up eating the cost of your new Gucci suit.

Amending Your Texas Bailee Insurance

Read through your current insurance policy to be sure it covers you in cases of disasters such as fires, riots or acts of war. Then calculate what your deductible would be in the worst of scenarios. If you hold more merchandise than your policy covers, it's time to make a few adjustments.

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