Texas Bar Insurance

Written by Jessica Duquette
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Texas bar insurance protects the bar owner from financially damaging claims and covers a lot of expenses associated with on-the-job accidents. This insurance is highly specialized in that it has additional coverage for liquor liability as well as physical injury. Although restaurants and bars are meant to be relaxing, there are many that are subjected to damaging situations.

If you frequent bars you know that for the most part people are well-behaved. All it takes for an incident or fight is one bad apple, and restaurant and bar insurance can help if that occurs. Innocent bystanders can often injure themselves either trying to get away from a fight or while attempting to break it up. That person will more than likely file a claim against the bar owner for injuries, possibly lost work and other damages. While the bar itself is liable for any incident that occurs inside, the owner himself will not face financial difficulty should he have a Texas bar insurance policy.

Forms of Texas Bar Insurance

Many different types of bar insurance can be purchased from qualified insurance companies. The most popular is general liability which covers expenses resulting from injuries or property damages as well as defense costs should a claim go to trial. Other forms of bar insurance include liquor liability, broken glass, assault and battery, workers comp as well as others. Having a diverse policy will assure the bar owner that his exposure is limited and future liabilities are minimized.

Perhaps the second most important insurance policy is liquor liability which provides coverage for a bar serving any alcohol. Liquor liability insurance will protect the bar owner from damages resulting from the misuse or distribution of alcohol. While there is insurance coverage, it is important to realize that negligent behavior or service of alcohol can be grounds for a claim to be denied. It is crucial to operate in a safe manner that keeps patrons' best interests in mind while at the same time refraining from serving underage or already intoxicated visitors.

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