Texas Business Insurance

Written by Jessica Duquette
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Texas business insurance is meant to provide employers with a way of maintaining business and profits in the event of a lawsuit or some other catastrophic event. When considering how much insurance to purchase, you must tally how much your business is worth at this very minute. Your employees, office space, equipment, etc. should all factor in to the dollar amount you decide on.

What Does It Protect Me Against?

There are several types of Texas business insurance. Commercial liability insurance will cover any damages incurred by your organization's negligence. Typically these financial demands stem from bodily injury, property damage, medical payments and lost wages.

Property insurance will cover your out-of-pocket expenses in the unlikely event your office and its contents are destroyed by fire or other natural disaster. For beach-front properties and other bad-weather areas, this is a wise investment. Most insurance agents can tailor your policy to meet the exact needs of your organization.

Types of Texas Business Insurance Policies

Other business insurance policies may include: commercial auto insurance, workers compensation, and professional liability. If your organization depends on a fleet of trucks to deliver merchandise, you should protect your vehicles and drivers. Professional liability protects you against inadequately delivering products or services to customers. Professional liability should be purchased no matter what industry your organization is a part of.

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