Texas Business Interruption Insurance

Written by Jessica Duquette
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Texas business interruption insurance is not commonly found among business owners. The misconception by many is the chance of severe interruption is so minimal it may not be worth the investment. How many organizations have ever had operations halted to such a degree that financial devastation is a possibility?

Why You Need Texas Business Interruption Insurance

While you may think there aren't many scenarios like this out there, you are sorely mistaken. Take September 11th for example. Airlines lost billions of dollars in revenue as a result of canceled flights and poor sales during the days and months following the devastation. While terrorist encounters are not likely to affect your small business, the chance of such destruction is always looming.

Earlier this year New York experienced a blackout. Millions of people and business were left without power. If your company lost power for 24 hours, how much revenue does this translate to?

Don't Gamble With Financials

If your business relies on other providers, be they power suppliers, airlines, or freight companies you need to invest in Texas business interruption insurance. Even though your business may not be interrupted directly, one of your many vendors may experience this temporary hiccup. Do you really want to lose a generous portion of revenue on an insurance technicality?

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