Texas Commercial Insurance

Written by Jessica Duquette
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Texas commercial insurance essentially provides financial clean-up services for corporate mistakes. These mistakes could be negligent behavior or failure to use reasonable care. Included in this coverage are damages, legal fees and settlements.

If you're looking for the "right" amount of Texas commercial insurance to buy, you won't find a clean-cut answer. Each company has individual insurance needs based on office space, number of employees and their job descriptions. One way insurance brokers calculate this magical number is to look at legal cases in your industry.

How To Calculate Texas Commercial Insurance

If you are a skyscraper construction company, your insurance broker will research all similar organizations. He or she will then determine the largest case settlement in that field and calculate your commercial insurance to cover at least that amount. This is one way of safely determining how much coverage is enough.

Commercial general liability insurance, also known as CGL covers four types of injuries. These are: bodily injury that may result in physical damage or loss, property damage, personal injury or advertising injury.

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