Texas Commercial Package

Written by Jessica Duquette
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A Texas commercial package of insurance will cover all aspects of liability under the commercial umbrella. As mentioned previously on this site, there are four types of commercial insurance. Each is necessary to adequately protect your company from financial ruin.

What to Include in Your Texas Commercial Package

The first part of your Texas commercial package is bodily injury. This coverage protects you financially against any injury done on the job or job site that results in physical damage or loss. If the roof of your building caves in and some of your employees suffer broken bones or even paralysis, your coverage will pay for medical expenses, legal fees and the lost wages of your employees. (After all, they may not be able to work and earn a living again.)

The second aspect of commercial insurance is property damage. This coverage comes in handy during fires or natural disasters. Without this coverage you may be responsible for rebuilding your office and replacing all the equipment within.

Personal Vs. Advertising Injury

Personal injury and advertising injury are two types of commercial coverage you may not need to invest in. Personal injury encompasses slander and libelous statements which result in reputation damage. Advertising injury protects companies from wrongfully representing goods and services. Unless you promote your products and services, this additional coverage may not be necessary for you.

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