Texas Commercial Property Insurance

Written by Jessica Duquette
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Texas commercial property insurance is very similar to homeowner's coverage. This insurance protects business, farms and ranches from possible damage to buildings or their contents. Different types of policies cover different risks as Texas commercial insurance is not standardized.

Types of Texas Commercial Property Insurance

Texas commercial insurance fits into three basic categories: basic form, broad form and special form. The basic form covers common risks such as losses caused by wind, fire, vehicles or lightning. Broad Form insurance protects the owner from common risks as well as other perils, such as glass breakage, water damage or collapse. Finally, special form covers any loss except those excluded such as war, flood or earth movement.

The form of insurance to select is up to the property owner and should be based upon size, location and other factors. Selecting an insurance policy that does not cover against fire might not be advisable if the property is located in California or other high-risk areas for forest fires. Only the owner will know what is right for them and discussing options with an agent is advised.

Additional Coverage

In addition to Texas commercial property insurance, many Texans choose to add liability, business interruption or extra expense coverages. Although these coverages may never be needed they provide the owner with the assurance that their losses will be minimized should their business be stopped or incidents occur. Unfortunately there are some risks that cannot be covered, such as crime.

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