Texas Employee Benefit Plans

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Texas employee benefit plans vary for the small employer and the company employing more than fifty individuals. The latest changes in the Texas insurance law opens the door for the small employer to be more flexible in what is offered. The Consumer Choice Health Benefits Plan that was recently enacted allows employers to offer plans that do not cover all mandated health benefits as long as the carrier also offers one that provides this coverage.

Another change in guidelines for coverage includes the time limit on pre-existing conditions before coverage is obtained. Even the types of health plans have been redefined as "state-mandated plans" or "consumer choice plans." Each one has specific criteria to make it a valid choice for Texas employee benefits plans.

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The consumer choice plans are typically less expensive if they do not have any of the state-mandated coverages included. Some of these include HIV, AIDS, chemical dependency treatment, serious mental illness, bone density tests, and many other types of medical needs. The option varies also if the carrier is an HMO or an indemnity plan. Available Texas employee benefit plans must fit within the restrictions and allowances of the standard set by the law.

For all the requirements as well as the options available in Texas employee benefit plans, check out the Internet. The best way to get the coverage you need for a price you can afford is to be informed. If you know what you are allowed to have and what an employer or insurance company must offer, it is more likely you will get the best out of your health plan.

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