Texas Equipment Insurance

Written by Jessica Duquette
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Texas equipment insurance can mean the difference between replacing your damaged forklift instantly, or having to wait six months to save up $40,000. By insuring all your equipment you alleviate the headaches associated with unforeseen damages, accidents and costly maintenance repair. How much of your office equipment is insured?

All Equipment Should Be Insured

Everything from copy machines to computer hardware should be included in your Texas equipment insurance policy. Even a color copier can run you more than $50,000. That could be more than the vehicle you drive to work every day. You insure your vehicle, so why not insure your other possessions?

As a contractor, you rely on functioning equipment. Without it, you have no business and in turn, no profit. Without insurance, the littlest damage could cause a significant amount of strain on your business and stress in your life. Avoid this unpleasant scenario and begin your search for equipment insurance here.

Where Is Texas Equipment Insurance Valid?

Heavy machinery such as bulldozers, forklifts and excavators cost hundreds of thousands of dollars. Their maintenance bills are comparably high. The right equipment insurance policy will cover these items on the job site, in transit or while being stored in garage facilities.

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