Texas Garage Insurance

Written by Jessica Duquette
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Texas garage insurance incorporates a broad selection of basic liability coverages. These include automobile liability, premises liability and possible contractual claims that may arise from owning the garage. Garage insurance not only protect vehicles that are being worked on, but it also protects employees and customers should an injury occur.

Texas Garage Insurance Exclusions

While garage insurance does cover a number of different liabilities, there are certain events that are not covered. These exclusions can include theft by an employee, damaged automotive parts or material warranty. Should any theft or negligent damage occur, the garage owner will be held liable and no insurance claims will be paid. It is key to note that while insurance can cover many items, garage owners still need to conduct their business in a safe manner.

There are many opportunities for loss, damages or injuries while owning or operating a garage. At any one time there may be workers, automobiles, expensive tools and other items that can cause serious damage to customers, employees or vehicles. Garage owners do realize the risks associated with their business but they cannot foresee accidents that may occur. As a result, having Texas garage insurance can minimize the liability of an owner.

Comparing Insurance

There are several companies that offer garage insurance products and policies. An insurance company that has a long history of insuring garages should have valuable knowledge of products available and may be able to offer certain discounts. Purchasing insurance is a big decision and one that should not be made without consulting numerous agents and receiving several quotes for coverage.

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