Texas Garagekeepers Insurance

Written by Jessica Duquette
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Texas garagekeepers insurance is similar to many other commercial insurance packages in that it includes several different coverages. Some may cover the owner at all times while other coverages only respond when certain levels of damage are met. Having a complete package of insurance can protect the garagekeeper from sustaining major losses.

Who Needs Texas Garagekeepers Insurance?

Many states require commercial businesses to carry general liability insurance to cover liability or property damage caused by the owner or their employees. However, this insurance does not protect the garagekeeper from property damages of others in the garage's care, custody or control. This means that a general liability policy would not cover a customer's vehicle while on the garage's premises. Adding garagekeepers insurance will help cover this exposure and reduce liability.

The types of coverages available with Texas garagekeepers insurance range from basic liability to specified perils including fire or lightning. Basic liability coverage insures customers' automobiles for damages regardless of fault or other potential insurance claims. This insurance can minimize any loss associated with an employee accidentally causing damage to a vehicle.

Specified Peril Coverage

There are enough potential risks associated with a garage which is why it is important to add specific peril coverage to a garagekeepers insurance policy. Maintaining a safe workplace with experienced employees can greatly minimize damages and injuries but it cannot protect a garage from outside forces. Specified peril coverage can protect the owner from fire, lightning, explosions, theft or even vandalism.

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